Coalition - Information Management, Inc.

Seaport-E Contract Information

Task Orders

Award Date: 15 July 2010

Task Order Number: N00178-10-D-5951

Team Members

C-IM is currently seeking team members to join us in our efforts to provide outstanding service to our customers


Coalition-IM began in 2006 as an effort to blend many years of military, communications, and information management technologies into a superior service provider for the US Military.

C-IM personnel have gained experience in Military operations, communications, collaboration and information management from a hands-on perspective. Members have worked in a variety of Joint, Coaliton and US Navy scenarios and are able to use that experience to provide consulting services, equipment support and training to our customers.

C-IM has been involved heavily in the CENTRIXS and Collaboration at Sea operations for the US Navy, US Coast Guard and Coalition partners around the globe.

As a result of these experiences, Coaltion-IM is able to bridge the gap between planning and successful implementation of CENTRIXS and CAS in the operational environment. We also provide the training required to implement CENTRIXS and CAS effectively into the command structure.

Quality Assurance

Coalition-IM is dedicated to providing superior service, maintaining the highest levels of integrity and is totally committed to providing outstanding value to our customers. Our aim is to always look for ways to improve processes, procedures and performance to insure customer satisfaction.  We have an excellent reputation among our customers and will always strive to protect and improve upon that reputation.

Coalition-IM is dedicated to providing the utmost quality and value through:

  • Assuring that all employees, subcontractors and consultants maintain a customer value orientation.
  • Implementing and maintaining internal controls to identify and correct issues before they impact the customer.
  • Sustaining a consistent communications channel to insure customer feedback is effectively received and acted upon. 
  • Following all Government and accepted industry standards and practices to insure that our actions result in effective product and service delivery, ecellent value and total customer satisfaction.

Contact Information

Coalition-IM is a Zone 6 SeaPort-E company. For information related to Coaltioin-IM and the SeaPort-E contract please contact:

David Cofield

16625 Dove Canyon Road, Suite 102-307

San Diego, CA 92127-3490

Phone: 858-213-9963

Fax: 858-592-9215