Coalition - Information Management, Inc.

C-IM provides on-site, one-on-one service to the people you need trained.  Employing our mobile lab, C-IM provides tailored, command specific CAS II and CAS III training.  A few examples of the type of Web Site Administrator's training we provide are:

CAS III sites employing Portal Pages, CAS III sites using a URL as a Home page, and standard CAS II Web sites. As a standard feature, we provide each student with hard copy leave-behind material (brief example) covering all areas of instruction (electronic material avaliable upon request).

We are at ease providing whiteboard or hands-on training support onboard ships, submarines, aircraft, ashore or in a lab environment.  Baisc or detailed Introductions are recommended at all levels of the Chain of Command.

CAS tools are powerful and when implemented in conjunction with a strong IM strategy, provide War Fighters with accurate information and clear situational awareness.

You name it, we will make it work.

CAS and IM

We unify IM Managers, Web Administrators, System Administrators and Users.  As a group, we help design your IM strategy and implement your IM plan.  Once your IM plan is in place we continue to support your IM Team to ensure your IM integration is as efficient as it can be.


Our CENTRIXS support centers around the individual needs of the command.  We work with your local engineers, adapting our support to meet your exact needs.  Our flexibility ensures you receive the exact support you need.