Coalition - Information Management, Inc.

Global Support for the Global Coalition

C-IM is a Small, Minority owned and Veteran owned business located in San Diego, California.  Our focus is on providing communications support in the fast changing Coalition Operational Environment.

As consultants, we are able to quickly travel to any location and provide assistance with CENTRIXS and Collaboration At Sea (CAS) implementation, integration and training.  We leverage our experience and mobility to help identify and resolve issues.

Experience. Commitment. Adaptibility.

Our support focuses on Information Management, CAS and CENTRIXS in the Coalition environment.  We apply time garnered experience in real-world Coalition operations, training excellence and global collaboration insight to provide superior support.

Our commitment is to your Information requirements and Operational Readiness.  Accurate application of CENTRIXS and CAS yields information superiority.  Allow us to assist you to ensure your collaborative tools are used as efficiently as possible.

Our ability to rapidly flex to meet your needs is the key to our success.  Our adaptability is the key to your success.